Kickstarter recently suspended the campaign for Skarp - the Laser Razor. At that time, it had raised over $4 million dollars! Now that's all for not - and maybe for good reason. Per Kickstarter, Skarp did not meet their prototype requirements.

The folks at Skarp are probably shell shocked at the moment - what a huge blow to them. However, Kickstarter may have also just saved thousands of backers from losing money on a product not ready to be crowdfunded. 

The most interesting development of them all: Skarp launched a new campaign on Indiegogo shortly after getting suspended on Kickstarter. At the time of this post, they'd raised $160k in 7 hours. It's a long way to get back to $4 million. 

It's hard to judge this situation without knowing more about the Skarp and their interactions with Kickstarter. Still, it's another reminder that crowdfunding can make or break you in an instant.