Los Angeles Premiere Screening (& FREE drinks!) - Saturday, 4/30!

If you're in Los Angeles on the 30th April we would love to see you Downtown. We are screening the movie as part of BritWeek and New Filmmakers LA. There are free drinks before and after the screening.

The screening will take place on Saturday, April 30th at 3:30pm at the 1150 Oliv Cente (1139 S. Hill Street) in Downtown Los Angeles.  Tickets for our backers are only $6 and include FREE WINE & BEER before and after the film at the venue.  Just tell them you are there to see "Kickstarted" to get your wristband.




We are delighted to be opening The Glass city Film Festival in Toledo, Ohio, especially sweet as Jason was born and grew up there!

You can find out more info



Palm Springs Premiere

We had our first California screening on Saturday April 2 at The American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs and we were really pleased with the turn out and the reaction to the film. All our main characters turned up with their families and it was the first time they had seen it - and it went down great. Brad Carter our main character played a couple of songs after the screening which also went down really well - we are very excited about the music in this film! 

Here are a few photos from the event...some of them courtesy of our backer and EP - Kim Sherrell - thanks Kim!

Jason, Dallas King (one of our characters) and Jay.

Jason, Dallas King (one of our characters) and Jay.

Jason, Dale Constable (one of our characters) and Jay.

Jason, Dale Constable (one of our characters) and Jay.

Jason and Jay.

Jason and Jay.

Filling up.

Filling up.

and we're off and running.

and we're off and running.

Quick Q&A after the film.

Quick Q&A after the film.

Brad Carter playing a few songs after the film.

Brad Carter playing a few songs after the film.


On Sunday 21st Feb we officially premiered "KICKSTARTED" at the BIG SKY DOCUMENTARY FILM FEST. We also screened again on Saturday 27th of Feb. It was the first time we shared the film, and the reaction was fantastic. The festival, which features documentaries from all over the world, was the perfect place to share the movie you all helped create. We've shared a few photos from the event and the screenings below.

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

People getting ready to watch the film.

This is why it's called Big Sky!

This is why it's called Big Sky!

Here we go - Dale leading the charge on his customized bike on Route 66 in the desert.

Here we go - Dale leading the charge on his customized bike on Route 66 in the desert.

Brad Carter - our main character in the film.

Brad Carter - our main character in the film.

The STATE of Kickstarter: Looking at Kickstarter success rates across the US

We pulled data from Kickstarter for all its past campaign up through October 28, 2015. Our goal was to look at how campaign success rates compare from state to state (national avg: 37.41%). Vermont is best at 56.5%, Florida was worst at 22.1%. 

We also looked at the rate of campaigns compared to the populations of each state.  Nationally there are about 2030 people per campaign.

Explore the interactive map to see how your state performed. And then tell us, what do you think caused the differences?

Introducing: The Kickstarted Minute

I'm sure it'll come as no surprise that in course of making this documentary, we've become extremely well versed in all things crowdfunding. We've interviewed experts, spoken to creators of all types and run a few campaigns of our own.  And given the breadth and depth of this knowledge, we wanted to find an easier way to share it back to the community (as most of it couldn't fit in the film). 

Our solution is a new video series. Minute (or so) long videos where we tackle news, tips, best practices, revelations and information from the world of crowdfunding. Here's the first episode and we will post a couple every week. Please watch and share your feedback! We'd love to make this a conversation.

Kickstarter "Nicks" Skarp Laser Razor for breaking rules

Kickstarter recently suspended the campaign for Skarp - the Laser Razor. At that time, it had raised over $4 million dollars! Now that's all for not - and maybe for good reason. Per Kickstarter, Skarp did not meet their prototype requirements.

The folks at Skarp are probably shell shocked at the moment - what a huge blow to them. However, Kickstarter may have also just saved thousands of backers from losing money on a product not ready to be crowdfunded. 

The most interesting development of them all: Skarp launched a new campaign on Indiegogo shortly after getting suspended on Kickstarter. At the time of this post, they'd raised $160k in 7 hours. It's a long way to get back to $4 million. 

It's hard to judge this situation without knowing more about the Skarp and their interactions with Kickstarter. Still, it's another reminder that crowdfunding can make or break you in an instant.

Post-Production "Action"

Documentary films are made in the editing room. Here is Jay discussing a creative decision on the film. Exciting stuff....well depends on who you are. 

Brad Carter gets a chance to perform his music LIVE

We won't spoil the action (you'll have to watch the film). However, Brad Carter recently had a live show for a packed room at Three Clubs in Hollywood. It was the first time he'd have a chance to play his original songs. Much more to come from Brad soon. Until then, here's a shot of Brad pre-show. You can almost see the two years of brain surgeries, recovery, crowdfunding, nerves, joy, pain, excitment and perseverance are all over his face.

Opening Title Sequence

Such fun creating the visual look of our film. Nothing is more exciting than locking in our look for the Opening Title Sequence! Here's a sneak peak! 

System D

Dale, Fred and Michael were in high spirits last time we met as they were gearing up to launch on Kickstarter in 2 weeks, but things quickly went downhill from there, infact Tom Clancy couldn't have guessed what was going to happen.

We are meeting them in the desert on Friday to find out exactly what went down, why they didn't launch and what the plan of attack is now.

These guys have had more false starts than Usain Bolt. We are really rooting for them - Fred and Dale just do your thing, believe in yourselves and get your story out there, we believe in you.

Robotics got real

This was a pretty funny moment as we filmed the team from AIO Robotics as they were in the closing minutes of their Kickstarter campaign, Jens on the left got a bit more excitement than he had bargained for.

Waste of time?

We hear from the guys at the musical 'Inappropriate' what it feels like asking people for money, is it worth it?

Playing the roof

Brad Carter gave us a private little concert on a roof in Hollywood the other night, he's sounding amazing - this isn't one of his songs just warming the old hands up!


Nils Vermeire - Super Backer

On a recent trip to Amsterdam we managed to meet up with Nils Vermeire - Nils backed us and helped push us over our goal to get us funded. Super nice guy and super nice of him to back us. 

Nils could be launching his own Kickstarter soon so watch this space!


Doing a Kickstarter

We managed to capture Brad over a period of time whilst he was doing his Kickstarter, he complained of his ass hurting and his girlfriend Kelsey on seeing the back of his head for a month, now we know he wasn't exaggerating!

Michael and Marlene Launch

After months of planning Michael and Marlene have finally launched their Kickstarter campaign. their goal is $30k and we were there at 7am to see them hit the button. If you fancy some great trusting sauce or just want to check them out you can find their Kickstarter here

Production - the latest

When will the movie be done? While we can't yet give you an exact date, it's looking more and more like we will have the movie ready to share in the fall. We are behind our initial projection as we are following the stories of a few people as they go through the entire crowdfunding process. These stories have been amazing - but they are still on-going. Thus, we are still filming, and expect to be doing it until this summer. And even though we've already started editing, the process likely won't be done until early fall.  We will keep you all in the loop as the schedule becomes clearer. 

General Movie Update.

We couldn't be more excited about the stories unfolding in front of our cameras - and can't wait to show them to you in an edited form. Brad Carter, the musician we have been following for almost a year, is finally in the studio. He's close to wrapping up his first ever album to share with the world. When he finishes, it'll be the end to a twenty year journey for Brad. There have been a lot of tears and laughs along the way...and even some nudity. We'll keep that last bit under wraps until the movie is ready. Don't want to spoil the surprise!

Brad getting naked!